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Welcome to Clava LAND.

A new Metaverse, created, changed & built through its Users in game actions with the goal of creating a world that's constantly evolving.

Clava LAND  - A Metaverse where your in game actions, matter. | Product Hunt

A Metaverse Where Everybody Plays A Role.

One World. Built Together.

Completing Daily Tasks for your Job in Clava LAND is very important. You get paid for each Daily Task you complete. Completing Daily Tasks can open up new Job opportunities, improve the Economy, and more within Clava LAND.

Press & Drag to Orbit.

Clava LAND Features

LAND Plot in Clava LAND

Own Real Estate

Briefcase image that represents jobs in Clava LAND

Paid Jobs

Clavbot the first citizen of Clava LAND

Create your own Avatar!

Clava LAND ecosystem image which shows Citizens of Clava LAND building together.

Create our world just by playing.

Purchase LAND Now! 

There are currently 100 Plots of LAND that you can currently Preorder. We will start Airdropping LAND to owners starting in June, 2022.

Tap the button below to view all the available plots of LAND too preorder.


Meet The Team.

AJ Picard CEO of Clava LANDs avatar

Aj Picard


Chris Motz Clava LAND Avatar (Community Lead)

Chris Motz


Jeff Hurst Clava LAND Avatar. Chief Operating Officer.

Jeff Hurst


Dylan Peppers Clava LAND Avatar. Real Estate Agent

Dylan Pepper


Jon San Agustin Clava LAND Avatar. Marketing Lead

Jon San Agustin


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